Friday, May 13, 2011

Toad Orgy..............

Thursday Bill and I got for the morning on the Catt. For me it was the first time this spring the tributary was fishable. Our hopes were with the colder spring that there may be some time left on the steelhead clock for us.

Spring was in full bloom with everything turning green, the geese leading their goslings here to there, and a toad fiesta of mating littering the banks.
Well neither Bill nor I were successful in hooking up with our targeted species but Bill got a Carpasaurus and a few small fish while I had one lone bass.

The path of the creek has changed in many places and will probably change even more by next fall. Favorite runs and holes from last year will be filled in or moved new holding areas will be created and discovered.

It still was a damn good day to be out.

As for today I was scarred of by the weatherman's reports of thunderstorms that have yet come.

Until later..................

Saturday, May 7, 2011

A May Day............

I took a morning walk this morning on the creek. It was a mild morning with a few light showers.

The water was a nice green color. I was hoping to find a few willing combatants and I had litte success.

I ran into Budda and he had a little luck too so we share a few runs for a couple hours and enjoyed the day.

Budda nailing another fish.

Pink worm special

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Winding it down............

I managed a few hours on the water yesterday with a little luck. the steelhead clock is slowly winding down the spring seasons with a few more weeks to go. The bass have started to show up in the lower reaches along with a few pike.

The air temperature is projected to remain relatively cool this week which hopefully will keep the fish around longer.

I'm hoping to get just one shot at the Kitty this spring before the clock strikes zero.