Sunday, August 28, 2011

Float, Floats, Floats..................

I was killing some time  on a Sunday morning before going into the office and stopped into JA-Wens Tackle in Derby, N.Y.. I haven't been in the store since they moved and the cooler weather this morning had me thinking about fishing. Undoubtedly if I walk into a tackle shop, I leave with stuff I don't necessarily need but want anyway. Though Ja-Wens is expecting their fall shipment of steelhead goodies to come in this week, I took the opportunity to pick up some some KJV butterfly and Streamside floats to add to my stock of Drennan floats. Floats are just too damn sexy not to buy at times even if you don't need them.

The owner Dan was a great guy to talk too and I look forward to stopping in when he gets loaded loaded up with new product. It looks like he will have a great supply for all your steelhead needs.

Ja-Wens Bait N Tackle

  • 7366 Erie Rd

  • Derby, NY 14047


  • Until later.............................