Saturday, May 9, 2009

Down and out................

I haven't fished since last Monday as I was infected with a chill inducing,bile heaving strain of some sort of bubonic plague early Tuesday morning. I honestly thought for the first time this could be it. Uncontrollable chills,gut wrenching dry heaving, and delirium raged through my body. So needless to say I have been camped out on the couch dead to the world and self quarantined as I am a bad sick person. I don't like babying. I just like to curl up in a corner under some rock to be left alone until my health improves. Today I am at 70% with a touch of energy and I decided to go out for some supplies.

There are still fish being caught per reports I have been receiving. I gassed up on the reservation today and took a drive over the Catt. She is a murky green not unfishable at all but we are calling for a cold front this afternoon accompanied with rain and 50 mph winds so that may change quick.

Congratulations to those of you have been out last week still catching them.

Thank god for the NHL playoffs to get me through every night. By the way this has been by far the best playoffs I can remember in my history. Every series is fast skating and hard played.

A few more errands and then back to the couch for a little HNIC.


  1. Ouch!
    Sorry about your luck brother and I hope you are feeling better soon. I hope you don't have the swine flu??

  2. Did you by chance go over to Norlands house lately, meet him on a river, receive any mail, or even talk to him on the phone? Norland is on the Center for Disease control's hot list. His household breeds strains of influenza that I'm certain hostile countries would pay good money for.
    Sorry your feeling sick but I suspect somewhere in your stain lies some Norland genetics. :0/

    Hope it's not the Swine flu dude...

  3. 7th day since contracting the flu. this is the first day that I feel that I have real energy.I have been on a schedule where if I have a day with a little energy it is followed by a full day on the couch fatigued. Hopefully this is it and i have beaten it. I have spent every fishable day on the water this season with not even a sniffle. But this hit me like a freght train. One good thing if this was the SWINER then per the World Health Organization, I have built up an immunity for future boughts until it mutates.

  4. Be sure and drink lots of single malt scotch ...'neat'..
    It is the only thing that keeps me alive.
    I would argue with Morin...except for the fact that he is bang on...
    ...and he is a POS.