Friday, May 1, 2009

Getting down to the end of the run.................

Good reports are starting to dwindle at this time of the year. Yesterday the stream flow on the Catt decreased and their was light or no winds. I didn't catch any steelies nor did I see anyone else catch anything. The bass were even off yesterday morning.
Last night we had rain and gusty winds which equated to a slight bump in the graph. I only caught 2 steelhead today both silver jacks and countless bass on jigs primarily.
I got off the water around noon when I was low holed by 3 college age guys about 5 to 10 yards below me. Three buds line upped shoulder to shoulder. One kid said hey why are fishing here there isn't enough room that guy is float fishing. The alpha male in their group who had a striking resemblance to Curly from the Three Stooges or Bobby from King Of The Hill said to his friends, " I don't give a F*ck . I'm going to fish where I want.
I don't think they knew I could here them but I just moved down about 20 yards and caught more fish then went home for lunch. Literally they could have caught fish in a 200 yard stretch of water but chose to be up my azz. Sometimes it just is not worth saying anything. It is a big river after all. But in my younger days it would have been a different story.
I guess with age comes wisdom for us all.
On a sad note the boys and I lost one of our fishing buddies Charlie Spahn to cancer this week. We just found out last night while we were out having a couple of cocktails. Charlie was an ex Vietnam Vet and one of our elder statesman on our trips. A kind hearted, quiet man, who went on our fishing expeditions to Nippissing and the Kawarthas. He was so considerate to a fault. He cooked breakfast every morning, kept camp clean and put up with Tommy J.. Waiting for Tommy J. to get ready to fish in the morning is a 3 hr event. It takes patience. Glaciers move quicker than he does.
But Charlie would say he was just happy to be in the Canadian Shield around the loons.
I guess when you have been through a war you have a different outlook on things.
You don't sweat the small stuff so much.
God bless you where ever you are Charlie.
You are in the boys thoughts.
and F*CK cancer.


  1. It always hurts, when you lose a friend,
    my sympathies to his family, and friends.

  2. Yeah...F*ck cancer, F*ck those punk-ass college rubes, and F*ck my now leaky waders.
    Too bad your season is winding down. Ours will likely be shortly and I suspect tomorrows unplanned outing will be my last until our June Atlantic Hiatus on the St.Mary's.

  3. Lambton:
    I might be there at the same time,as you.
    Never done it before, but had an invite I can't turn down.
    Looking forward to fishing a couple of CTS blanks, by J.C, as well as my IMX.
    One production, one prototype.
    Bring on the Atlantics!!

  4. Sounds like it is just about time for me to ship my leaky waders back to Cabela's for a warranty replacement.

    Charlie was a great man and will be missed. I can just see him trolling with Tom J. day in and day out without catching fish, while everyone is slaying them casting and when he came off the water he still had a smile on his face. He just enjoyed being on the water and enjoying the company of the guys in our group. A truely genuine person that will be missed.