Friday, March 26, 2010

Making lemonade out of lemons..............

After putting my unwarranted worries of forecasted black ice aside, I met Bill out for a trib tour of duty.

The first trib we met at was off color and not worth our while. We headed south at our fall back spot. As exited the truck we were both rudely greeted by a ball shrinking brisk north east wind that instantly numbed our fingers as we geared up.

Our recon of the water showed off disappointing off color conditions so plan C was put into effect.

Plan C turned out better than the two previous. We hit a few spots I haven't fished in twelve years and we both got rid of the skunk smell off our bodies.
Luckily we were out of the wind and the sunlight warmed our frigid hands.
Bill always makes a fishing experience better. He is a good story teller and great company on the water.
A few fish made all the difference between misery and contentment.

Until later..............

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