Monday, April 5, 2010

A morning out......................

I attended a morning meeting of Steelheaders Anonymous on the banks of one of our favorite tributaries. In attendance today were Bill, frank and Buda.
This time of year you never know what you will get. a mix of fresh fish in from the lake, drop back spawners, and some other rougher creatures of the water.

Today there was more fishing than catching but they guys got a few fish to wipe the skunk of their backs.
I on the other hand stayed skunk striped on this sunny day.
Not much to report other than it was great to have the Premier himself(Frank) back on the water.
He seams to be adequately repaired
and ready for action.
I on the other hand am still not up to fall fighting form physically.

Time to get in shape or be left in the dust by my counterparts.

Until later............


  1. I'm amazed how much she is still carrying all that clay silt from the last flood! I miss her!!

  2. Hey..
    At least you got out.
    Keep your stick on the ice brother.