Sunday, December 12, 2010

More fishing than catching........

I made it out at first light in hopes of putting one more on the bank before the hard freeze comes in this evening.
The weather was wet and drizzly and a foggy mist hung in the air.
Now that's my kind of day. The snow melt added a touch more green to the water from the day previous.

I put my best effort out today in the middle stretches. The lower end was still locked up with ice.
I concentrated on holding pools and gentle flowing runs where fish may sluggishly rest without exerting a lot of energy.

I pretty much threw everything
at the fish today roe,beads, plastic worms etc..
I briefly had a fat sliver female on slowly shaking her head in the current barely attached to a size 12 hook.
As I tried to move her to shore the hook let loose and off she went.
That was it for action today but I had an excellent if not slightly soggy hike today that was worth the effort.

I wouldn't rather be anywhere else today.
Until later.......................


  1. Joe
    Your photos tell me the spots!
    Know them well, and very envious of you, for just being there.
    Catching fish is the goal, but not compulsory. I know we will both agree on this!
    Thanks for making me feel at ease, for the next frigid week. Your failure gives me satisfaction. (sick? Of course!)
    Hope Santa will bring us a thaw for the week after Christmas.
    Or the week after that!
    Thanks for the reality check!


  2. If nothing else, the scenery sure looks nice. Good report.

    The Average Joe Fisherman