Sunday, September 25, 2011

Choking the chub.................

This morning I went for a little walk. I knew the conditions would be less than stellar but a little fresh air and exercise can't hurt anyone.  The water had dropped and was still off and murky.There was a humidity in the air that laid a layer of sweat on ones brow. I ran into some nice deer and a little bit of serenity. The best I could scrape up today was a couple of chubs and that was it.

We are all waiting for the steelhead slot machine to spin up with the  magic jackpot of timing and conditions. You know what I mean:

The optimum tributary and lake temperatures
The optimum air temperature
The emerald green water  flowing at the perfect cubic feet per second after a rain that naturally brought in fresh dime bright steelhead eager to take your offerings.

Oh yes and timing all of this on a day you have off and found water away from the crowds.

Now on to other things...................

You no doubt have heard me extoll the virtues of our new tackle shop in town, Ja-Wens.
It is just great to have a shop with friendly people that speak the steelhead language.

I think I have blown about 100 bucks in the place over the last month.

Well they did it again this weekend for me.

Friday after work I stopped in the shop after noticing the ceramic insert of the tip top guide of the Loomis 1562 had popped out. Two years ago this happened and Bill Shearer was able to do some emergency surgery for me before a mornings outing and well it happened again.
I talked to Dan and Dave and inquired if they new a rod builder that could replace the guide. Luckily their friend and rod builder Frank Zak was in the shop hanging out with them. He said he would take care of it and have it back to me in 24 hrs. I  couldn't have been more happy and grateful for his efforts and turn around. Dave also showed me some fine work that Frank did for him on a custom rod.

Once again if your in the area and fishing one of the New York tribs off of lake Erie stop in and say hello to the guys at Ja-Wens. They are friendly,knowledgeable, and accommodating. They know steelhead and are putting together a wide range of toys from Kingpin to Raven and from Drennan to KJV.

     Ja-Wens Tackle

  • 7366 Erie Rd
  • Derby, NY 14047


Until later....................

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