Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Royal Canadian Float Recovery Team......

The RCFRT(Royal Canadian Float Recovery Team)  came down for the day. The two member squad
displayed Canadian ingenuity and creativity in their recover of a custom made float tied up in some submerged branches. It was quite a site and made my day.

The weekend started off  with murky conditions on the  bigs and mids and the rain overnight made them increase in murk and flow even more as the weekend progressed.

I found one of the smalls murky with a tinge of green on Sunday which brought some success.

On Monday the above mentioned RCFRT of Bill and Frank joined me for the first time this season.
I take great pleasure fishing with these two gentleman and enjoyed the days and banter not to mention the priceless picture that their antics produced.

More rain  and wind to come mid to end of the week. I hazard to think when we will ever get back on the big trib short term.

Until later.......

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  1. Well at least you know how deep that section is. Think I may ask Bill to come ice fishing with me sometime..... ;)