Saturday, January 3, 2009

Yeah I used to catch these things.......

Well I rolled of the couch this morning after falling asleep at 3 AM. Sometimes the squirrels get running in my head and I can’t stop the wheels from turning. Then I know I am up for the duration pondering life’s mysteries and the why's and how's of our existence.

The weather underground informed me it was 26 degrees Fahrenheit 270 yards from the lake and 19 degrees at the airport.
The weather seemed downright balmy for 26 as there were no winds howling today. I even thought about gearing up instead for coffee as I remembered that just a few weeks ago I did know how to catch these dam fish. Honestly I am not lying guys… I really did.

I hopped in the truck and took my regular drive to the access points to check the water quality and pressure. The middle river was a nice green and fishable. There were about 4 cars each at 2 of the access points and 1 car at an area where the open water met the iced jammed portion of the creek. I drove to the mouth and it is still all locked up probably until tomorrow when we are expected to have mid 30’s weather and rain. The artificial section upstream had no cars at its access point. Are all the fly guys taking off today?

Tomorrow I will definitely be out with everybody else. I expect a lot of pressure. I may even be able to get Commander Tom out tomorrow if he survives his holiday party tonight which I will be attending. I am looking forward to tipping a few with the boys.
Today I planned a no fishing day as I planned on watching the Alma Mater, UB, play in the international bowl and then take a nap before the party. If I to much fresh air today and go fishing I will be exhausted tonight and dim witted from all of the fresh cold air.

Who knows if the slush burns off a little more than is currently snaking its way down the flow I may go for a few hours. I am putting on my calendar an ode to Ontario in the coming months. I am thinking about February 21st as it is Hockey day in Canada. Some of my friends think I was Canadian in a previous life. Not a bad thing at all. I will plan to blog on everything that is great and good about Ontario and its special place it holds in my heart in regard to hockey and fishing.

Well back to the coffee…………………..

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