Sunday, February 22, 2009

I came knocking but no one was home......

I went out yesterday from 11am to 4:30pm. The lower creek by the lake was locked up with ice and the larger wintering pools through out the creek were pretty much locked up also.

I planned on fishing the Beaver Run but when I drove to the parking area there were 5 cars there and no one was at the holdong pool so they must have been down at the run.

So I decided to try plan B in the cemetary district. At 11 am there was a hell of a lot of slush so I decided to walk in to the Cut. I figured this would waste some time as the sun hopefully would burn the heavy slush of the stream. I played the dodge the slush game until it burnt clean and the water was a nice color of green. I worked the cut hard with roe and jigs to no avail. Hell I even busted out the single hooked bulk shotted flat fish trick. Nothing ,Nada, Zero, Zilch.

A group of younger guys came up who were taking a friend out who never fished for steelhead before so I let them have at it. Before I left one kid had briefly hooked a small 3 pound ugly black boot of a male. He lost the fish and I went on my way to try a number of small to medium depth runs and pocket water hopeing to strike gold.

By 4:15 a snow squall moved in coated me with snow and almost instantly clogged the water with a thick cotton candy like slush which made drifting almost impossible. these are the times I wish I was a chuck and duck fly fisherman bouncing bottom through the slush.

That all folks no runs, no hits, no errors, and no fish. I will be out later inf the week when the warmer temps roll in. Have a good Sunday people.

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