Monday, August 24, 2009

Dark Salmon

The Commander took me out Sunday for an afternoon of salmon fishing on Ontario. Tom launched and we only made out to 200 feet depths when he decided to turn around and wait out storm that was on its way over from the Niagara Penninsula.

We waited out the storm for an hour and then made our second attempt to find fish. Tom set up his program up in 420 ft of water and pointed the boat toward Toronto in the distance.

We hooked up with 1 steelhead, 1 immature salmon , and 1 dark mature salmon about 20 pounds or so.

It was a good day on the water as always with tom. He gets so much joy puting people on fish as much as i do realing them in.

We are getting the itch for some stream fishing over the next month.


  1. Weird storm, looked very menacing but just produced some rain showers. Wish I had a camera to capture your face when that fish was peeling drag. Until our next shark'in adventure.

    The Captain

  2. Downriggin is a real hoot!
    Well done gents..