Monday, September 28, 2009

Surfing weather...........

Well this morning I let the weatherman scare me. There were projections for heavy wind and rain mixed with lightning and thunder. I can deal with everything but bolts rained down by God upon me with a 13 ft rod in my hands.

The bad stuff came but if I followed my heart and not my head I would have got in at least three hours of play time before the shit hit.

Right now the lake shore is chocolate with lots of big wave action and high wind. Good weather for our silver friends to finally surf their way in to all the tributaries.

There is more wind and rain expected over night but I am strapping on the boots in the A.M. looking for some tiny ditch which is fishable.

I also received a new toy today brought to me by UPS. The Orvis Safe Passage hydration pack.
My cervical spine will be jumping for joy as the old pack put the full weight and pressure of the pack right on my neck which was not fun after a long day on the water.
That is all today.
Now go out there and catch some fish.
Ouch lighting strikes outside.

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