Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Coffee and cream..............

I wasn't going to fish today but after a little hesitation I geared up and hit a smaller trib in hopes of finding a little green water. There surprisingly wasn't any snow at this trib but the winds were howling off the lake and raising the stream levels by a foot or so every few minutes. Then the water would reverse as if someone pulled a plug from a drain.

By 10 am the water turned green but there were no fish to be had. I then shot over to another tributary hoping to find green but I knew this trib would be brown and she was.

She was a coffee with cream color and I decided to go for a hike just for exercise.

I ended up with three respectable females in the 5 to 7lb range on chartreuse.

A lot of hiking and looking at brown water.

Sorry no pics today. I was too lazy to snap pics and I was just happy a few fish cooperated today in the brown.

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