Monday, March 22, 2010


I got for a morning by myself and Friday I teamed up with the Commander. I would say the fishing was a little slow at the spots we hit but there were others that reported to me that they did quite well.

I got a few fish and Tom was inexplicably shut out for the day.
Oncw good thing is the Commander has the passion in spades for fishing right now. It is a godsend because while I have been out my passion has not been lit as it was last fall yet.

Hopefully a few good days on the water will get me back in the swing.

I stayed away from the water this weekend but the cars were out everywhere and Big Ed report he did pretty good danggling his pink worm.

Until next time..................

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  1. Hey Joe,

    Your faded blue Leafs hat is a true reflection of that team ;-) We'll have to get you a nice, bright Sabres one.

    Good pics- nice job.