Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ontario Trib change up....................

This morning I decided to go try a Lake Ontario trib which is infamous in the minds of many. I was hoping for a female chinook to replenish my roe supplies but for the second time this year I couldn't buy a female Chinook.
The people were not that bad today and for the most part everyone was friendly and had manners.
I fished a combination of roe and beads today with some success but not a blockbuster day.
I did get the Lake Ontario Grand Slam today and I should be happy about that.
The slam included a Chinook,Brown,Steelhead, and an Atlantic.
I stayed from sun up to sun down . The one year old waders are leaking in both footies and I'm not happy about that. So the waders are turned inside out drying out and I plan on kicking back on the couch tonight. I wish I had Bill's fountain of youth and super powers to get me through a long day.
Until later....................


  1. Well!
    Nice going on the slam!
    I've never caught an Atlantic before so now I'm jealous.
    Frank and I went looking for roe this morning. Only saw two salmon, and they were closer to dead, than alive.

    Fishing sun-up to sundown is really tough for anyone. My Alaska trip proved that to me in spades. After five days of that I was too pooped to fish for a couple of days, when I got back.
    The Premier and I are contemplating a trip to "that Lake O trib", as it looks like the salmon run is long over here.
    Still flipping the coin on where to go tomorrow.

    Did you try the pegs?

  2. The Oak?
    I have had reports that it has been a zoo down there this year.
    Congrats on the slam. Our first trip there I Hooked a big Atlantic. It must have jumped 3 ft out of the water before schooling me.