Saturday, March 5, 2011

The longest winter ever...................

Well today the tributaries both big and small are up high and moving fast with all this rain and melt. I am hoping for a few opportunities to get out this month with some old friends in hopes of getting some of the rust off my game.

This winter has been mentally punishing to me for some reason which I can't explain.
It just has a done a number on me. I spent an hour or so this afternoon sitting in the truck just staring away at the muddy Catt attempting to recount the sounds,sights, and smells of spring.

I miss birds chirping and fresh spring air but what I miss most is bullshitting with the guys on the stream. You can't buy that camaraderie.

That shared excitement of catching fish that brings us all back to being little boys filled with adventure and wonderment.

Looking forward to a little steelhead therapy.

until later my friends.............

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