Sunday, April 3, 2011


I haven't been out since around St. Patrick's day and I guess I have not been missing much either. The Commander and I went out for a few hours this morning with no luck. The water was nice and I had a few bumps but no takers. We called it a day a little earlier than usual as my spider senses were not feeling the mojo today. In addition, my trusted and respected sources have not been feeling the steelhead love either lately. I have heard every hypothesis and conspiracy theory as why the fish are not there yet. Everything from the water is still too cold to the DEC secretly was under stocking the tributaries the last few years. I prefer to think that mother nature gives us something a little different each year to hone our own adaptability on water. Until later..................


  1. Road Trip time!!!!!
    MI is about to pop as soon as we get a good rain. When it does it will be silly.

    Sorry to hear about the poor season over your way Joe. It's gotta be tough after the long winter and all.

  2. It was a beautiful morning to be on the water. Maybe we have to put in our time before the steelhead Gods grace us with a great outing.