Sunday, September 4, 2011

Crossing the bridge into September..........

and getting ready..................


  1. Funny seeing you with the vise, and tying jigs!
    Today I sat down with two jig boxes and sorted for colour and size, on a pile that that I had jammed in them.
    Thank goodness the Premier likes to tie!

  2. Jigs look fantastic. Any extras for a friend???? Seriously, I need to get a vise and start tying my own. After reviewing the forecast, things are looking favorable for an early run.

  3. We shall see about an early run. A hot,dry summer with some stream beds ridiculously low on flow. 2 previous years of down steelhead runs and lampreys doing their damage in the lake. They may be there or they may not. Remember how lousy last year was for most fisherman and people walking up to us and asking "where are the fish?"