Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sweating it out..............

After canceling  a Saturday outing with Bill and Frank due to a bout with a 24 hr bubonic plague, I summoned up a little strength this morning in hopes of burning the virus out of my body. I spent just a few hours on the water  and was graced with a couple of fish. The walk  and sunshine did me some good this morning but a little more rest is in order.

What did I learn over my last few outings?

Well I tried Sufix Elite instead of the Siege and I was not impressed. While it has low memory it seems to stretchy to me.  I like to play in submerged timber which means your going to lose gear. With the Siege it seems the leader would break at the hook when you snagged up but with the Elite it has been breaking above the float. That's 5 floats in the last two outings including the double secret hand crafted Buda float. So as we speak I am going to spool on some fresh Siege even if it is all in me head.

That's all folks and here are a few links that may or may not interest you.


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  1. I guess fishing downstream Of the bridge won't be happening anytime soon, unless I walk up from the end of Buffalo Rd!
    Thanks for the link, Joe. I was wondering what was going to be done.