Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The gimp is still in his cage..........

Yes that’s right the gimp is still in the cage. The wounded back is still giving me problems and I had to opt out of a good days fishing today. The weather is 34 degrees Fahrenheit and drizzle right now and the water looks nice this afternoon. And Daddy is a angry man today.

This is not the deal I made with the gods. The deal was that while I wade through the uncertainty of unemployment that the gods would let me pursue the silver ghosts of the Great Lakes. They know that time well spent on the stream is the only cure for my insanity.
The gods know that with out its therapy I slowly slide down the slippery slope of selfish self pity. Laying in a fetal position on the couch self medicating with a row of beer empty beer cans lined up on top of the fireplace mantel. Self pity is a dirty little disease that infects each of us from time to time. The woe is me syndrome of plans gone awry and perceived dreams crushed.

I know, I know, I can hear the Commanders’ voice right now “Stop the self pity Joe and go fishing”. But I don’t have that drug to heal my tortured soul. I am left on the sidelines with the not so distant tease of chrome fish and green water a little over a hundred yards away from my couch. I need to go for a drive to clear my head. A drive to come in contact with the human race and to get my head on straight. A little fresh air to focus the mind and remind myself I am not dead or dying and that there are hundreds of poor bastards tied to their cubicle cages bearing the heavy load of corporate oppression whishing they had the spare time to fish that my situation has given me.

So I move forward hunched over with hobbled back knowing that life throws its adversities upon us at different times of our lives to focus our thoughts, our future goals, and desires. In the hopes that we all live the 2nd halves of our lives better than the first.

Well back to the coffee………


  1. Nice metaphysical musings on your newfound freedom. As Skinner would say "freedom horrible freedom" (not sure who he is quoting)
    Good Luck on the stream and the job search.

  2. Joe,

    Grab a Starbucks Expresso Hazelnut Machiatto's.
    That shit will fix you up right there ;0)

    Ever consider guiding or somthing meaningful to you? Perhaps now is the time in your life to re-evaluate what is important and would provide true meaning and fulfillment to you. I know I have been thinking alot lately. My problem is the trap of big corporation. They currently own my soul but if things were to drastically change and I were forced to reevaluate my entire outlook on the career scenerio would be quite different.

    Hang in there brother! Chrome in the near future...