Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Ice Age is upon us............

The Ice Age is upon us this morning.
2 degrees eh? 2 degrees!
This is what my humble creek looks like this morning in lockup. The only life sighted at the foot bridge were me and the neighborhood dog barking his ass off at me.
I don't think he was barking to mark his territory but yelling at me saying..."what are you stupid?" "There is no fishing be done for the next 2 months!" "Your ride is is over Dumb Ass now just go home and get a cup of coffee!"
I ignored the icicle laden cur dog as I just smiled and gazed at the motionless creek. I went into a trance remembering the good season which I had and the times I spent with friends on the water. This was a good thing .. a good thing indeed.
While I will be relegated to tying flies, upgrading tackle, and dreaming of fish; I am sure there will be an odd thaw and outing to the Burt,Oak, or the Lower Niagara. At worse I can breakdown and actually go ice fishing with the Commander. I don't like the sound of cracking ice under foot or the thought of falling through the ice. I know Commander I know that I have a float suit and I have nothing to worry about. I do have a few memories of tip up fishing with friends for pike on a February day. Watching all the tip ups go off one after another and all of us being exhausted from running to each tip up to reel in a pike.
I prefer to think of spring for as every day we burn off the calender we are one more day closer to the birds chirping and the snow melting. Remembering that usually starting in February in some flows the bigger fish start moving in with every thaw. Remembering the smell of the air around Easter time, and a chance in late April and May to fish for drop backs in the area.
It is cold out but the sun shines bright today and spring is around the corner my friends...just around the corner.
Now back to the coffee........

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  1. Joe...You drink more coffee than me! Wow!
    LOL!!!Yes winter has sunk her claws deep. It was one heck of a good run this past season and you are right...there will be the odd day in Feb I hope. I can't wait for the spring Michigan outings. The big water, late season snow storms and the chromers. You know to put it all into perspective...Us Great Lakes fellows have it damn good!