Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A litte fun this morning................

I hit the creek this morning for a while as the temps were going to hit the big 40 today. There was slush to be delt with for the first hour or so and then it slowly cleared up.
The water was a nice green with a hint of silt in the water.

I am amazed how the earth has been scraped by the 12 inch chunks of ice during the thaw. Things have definately changed in certain areas of the creek and it certainly is a lot easier getting around. Most of the shorline brush has been razed from the banks.

Once the slush ice started to burn off the water I got into a few fish .
There was nothing too big to speak about but action is action.
The fish were not that spirited today and a few displayed some war wounds which probably came from dodging ice jams during the thaw.

It was good to get some fresh air and get back into the action. After being taunted with the reports from Commander Tom and Mike P. in regard to thier weekend success on another trib in the area. The fish they caught were fresh and silver and I was hit with a hint of jealousy .
Well thats all for today people. It's time go downtown for a couple cocktails with the future brother in law.


  1. Sorry that the pictures from this weekend made you jealous. Mike and I were fortunate enough to hit a small window of opportunity on that trib and it proved successful. That one female you caught looks like a little football.