Monday, September 21, 2009

Going back to the honey hole once too often.......

Sunday I took a hike through the system with the Commander. It was a comparably slow day to the previous few days but Tom got one. She was very strong for her size and ripped out a lot of line on tom before she came in for a quick release.

I also picked up a male on an egg imitation but that was pretty much it for the day. A lot of walking and hiking trying to time the run in the right hole and in the right section of the system.

You have to like a day that starts out 45 degrees in the morning with your hands getting cold and then the temps shot to 74 degrees and you are getting heat stroke from the forced death march we were on.

But as always it is nice to get the exercise and shoot the shit with Tom.

Today was slow for me with one native brown trout to show for my efforts while Bill and Frank got a few. Every time I go out with those two gentleman it is a virtual steelhead seminar. It doesn't matter how long you have been doing something there is always someone who can do it better and have been at it longer.

I am immensely grateful for the knowledge they have shared with me and will be forever in their debt. They even bring me a sandwich and a beer when we are done fishing. I honestly don't know if they do it because they are just that nice of people or they feel that bad for me and my sorry state.

LOL........ either way I should pay them for the education they have graced me with and I will never forget their generosity.

This evening we have light showers coming down. No doubt it will be enough precipitation to mud up the Catt but not enough for the bone dry smaller tribs but you know I will be out there checking them out.

Later my friends.......

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  1. Nice....I'll join you guys in late October for a couple of days on the water....