Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hot, Humid, Muggy........

This morning it was 70 degrees . It just doesn't feel like steelhead fishing when your wearing shorts and a light T-shirt under your waders.

I few more guys out today then yesterday and my plan was to quickly hit some spots seeking active fish and hoping the thunder and rain doesn't hit when I am a few miles away from the truck.

I fished the section today with roe all roe with only one native brown trout to show for my efforts. On the return trip I put on a pink worm and picked up one small brown and a nice silver female. Yes, fear the pink worm when all else fails. I put in about 4 hours today and called quits as I wasn't feeling the mojo like yesterday. There is weather that feels fishy to me and weather that doesn't. All this working is getting me in shape for prime time. Who knows maybe I will lose a few inches of my fat azz . LOL

That's all today....................

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