Friday, September 18, 2009

todays walkabout..............

Today early morning walkabout with Bill and Frank included this obscenely obese male. If you use the the centerpin as a scale reference you get the picture. He has a smile on his face as I took the picture because I booted of one of those bastard lampreys from his opposite side.

I caught a few fish today in new placed as the flood waters have scoured and changed the flow of the stream. You just never know where they will be sitting and the beauty of it is no one else does either.

This girl was a feisty burner who headed for the lake.

The third pick was just a beautiful specimen. she was long and wide and the pick doesn't do her justice.
That it today, I'm suffering from too much fresh air this morning. I'm sure I will get back to my longer narratives soon.
Once again, Bill and Frank it is always a pleasure even though we were split up and hit different parts of the fishery due to unusually high pressure.
Bill thanks for letting me play with the Kingpin at the vehicle. all I can say is Jesus! What a difference.


  1. Always a pleasure, Joe!
    See you Monday, I hope.

  2. Oh my... That male is as goofy lookin as Norland.

    Good job out there Joe. Gettin your late summer fishin Jones on!

    Gonna be at least a month or so before I have the pleasure.

    Til then it's a month long plant outage. Grrrrrrr!

  3. It is nice to see that somebody is catching fish....
    I can't wait.
    The first fish is maybe the ugliest fish I have ever seen.
    Keep at it!