Sunday, December 13, 2009

Finding open water.................

I put in a 5 hour shift yesterday morning in section of the creek that were not ice jammed. There were sections completely locked up with ice and others that were open if you could get to them

I found a shoulder of the road that was plowed enough to park my vehicle and then proceeded to trudge through 16 inches of snow pack to get to the water. Crossing the water consisted of walking over, around, or through shelf ice which is always tricky but you all know the drill this time of year.

The water water was green and as the slush and 16 inches of snow started to melt the water raised and changed color. It was a good day with hungry fish but they were in classic winter mode. The fish were light biters and lazy fighters for the most part.

The commander had previous commitments so I was solo along with a new reel to try.
I had the opportunity to use a Kingpin 4 7/8 Bronze reel today with the ceramic ABEC 7 bearings. A pleasure to use in the slower flows today. she was smooth and started up with the slightest current. It's definitely on my to do list for the next year.

Today with the snow melt the tribs are shot. They are high and muddy and the ice locked sections are free from ice. It will be a few days before I get another shot at them and that damn 10 lb silver female I lost behind a fast water lip. The float went down. I lifted and she shook her head. She came up and rolled a few times and ran around the current until she headed for some up turned shale at the back of the run. The floro rubbed up against the rock outcropping and poof she was gone.

Until later..............


  1. I know where you were! Nice creek and definatly has alot of possbilities! I liked the ledge pool down from the cliff you took a pic of! Glad some one got out and fished I'm fishing through you this year! Take care Happy holidays!


  2. "then proceeded to trudge through 16 inches of snow pack to get to the water"
    I am hoping for tomorrow...fingers crossed...
    Just in time for the cold snap.