Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas.......

I took a walk this Christmas morning in between events to clear my head in the fresh air and in hopes of pulling in a fish.
The water was very low and clear. The walk was stellar just me and the hawk in the sky.

Most of the pools and runs I fished the last time I was out were iced over and un fishable. I did some walking in hoes of finding some water green enough and deep enough to get one to go .

But that would not be the case today. The water that was prime today had fresh steelhead blood spilled on the the white snow with remnants of fresh steelhead roe scattered in the blood. I would assume someone got into a few fish yesterday afternoon and decided to harvest the fish.
I did not put too much effort in those areas as they will be useless now until the next freshet from the thaw we are experiencing this afternoon.

Still great to be out and one with nature

On a much brighter note. Merry Christmas to all my friends in the steelhead world.

Thank for the gift off your friendship and your company on the stream.

Happy Holidays................

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