Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A race to beat the arctic express......

Yesterday presented what we had hoped would have been a small window of opportunity to get on the water. The thaw raised water levels and flushed the tribs of ice and fresh fish would be available for our taking.
The Commander and I hit the water in the morning greeted by fresh snow cover from over night and temps in the mid twenties. We were not happy with our morning findings . The water was filled with with enough slush to make fishing difficult to impossible.

On our march back to our vehicle we met up with Bill and Frank who agreed with out our assessment of the conditions and decided to try another trib together.
The next trib murky but the slush was flowing down more lice ice flows and not a slurpy slush. We fished closer to the lake and in the distance we could see the arctic express coming through with increased high winds and snow squalls. We did our best with no success.
While we were there Buddha met up with us and recounted his morning attempts at fishing. He had ventured farther down the lake and was hammered by blinding snow making fishing impossible. We also ran into Joe M. and his trusty Labrador. He had the same idea as the rest of us. Beat the Arctic express before the heavy snow and single digit temperatures forecasted for Tuesday.
Today the creeks are slush filled and the air is frigid.


  1. One will never catch a Steelhead sitting at home. Good on ya for seizing the opportunity.
    I know it can sting but rest assured the pain from not going would have been worse.

  2. It has been a pleasure reading your BLOG this year Joe ...thanks for sharing your Steelhead stories.