Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I have arisen.............

Yes it's all true. I have arisen from my deep sleep. I had been cryogenically frozen and placed in a decommissioned
cold war missle silo until the spring thaw came to pass.

Yesterday I got out for my first fishing trip of 2010 with Bill and Buda.
A glorious sunny day filled with birds chirping and fresh spring air.

We hit a number of tribs on our route. some were off color and some were just coming into form. But all that mattered was the water was not frozen over as they had been for the last two and one half months.

I was rusty in my technique but saved myself from any major malfunctions. Bill and Buda fished as the professionals that they are. They started of slow but made up for it by the end of the day.

I on the other had ended up with only one fish for the day but enjoyed laying down on a large log while I soaked up the sun like a large reptile.

It was stellar to be out with the guys on the water and enjoying a laugh or too.
It is what is best in life.....

Thanks Bill and Buda for taking the pictures.
Until next time................


  1. Absolutely a wonderful day!
    Now you know how the groundhog feels!
    Sunnin' on a log'

  2. Finally, a new report on the blog. Good to hear that you are back on the water. Looking forward to another Spring of steelhead. We will have to make a date with Ed so we can enjoy some of the treats in his back pack.

  3. Joe,
    Nice...I was getting worried about you brother!
    Glad you awoke and are back at it. Tight lines my friend.

  4. Nice recount.
    Glad to see you survived the winter.
    I have spring fever here and can't wait until I am on the river again.
    Probably will be a week or so yet.
    LAter piscator
    Good luck this spring.