Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ok I will not sell my Centerpin..............

Yesterday was tough  going on the tribs. I put in the miles and was skunked out. The sport I love has been feeling  more like work lately and making me a weary SOB. I would say that this season the fish have been spread out and it is definitely not a lazy man's game this year.

I started off working a creek mouth with jigs looking for freshies being pushed in from the wind. Once the wind made it too difficult to get a good drift, I more on with the smell of skunk still upon me.

I made my way down the road and BING,BANG,BONG it was on like Donkey Kong. After telling big Ed the night before that I was selling all my equipment and recounting my conspiracy theories about the fishery; my optimism was restored. First three drifts and three fish and a relatively productive day began.

A few other pinners joined me some with permission after kindly asking  and some who made themselves comfortable as if I was personally holding the pool for them.  I ran into Mike Crehan who was one of only a handful of Americans I would see fishing a pin some twenty years ago when I got into the game. We had a good chat and caught  fish from a pod moving through. He is definitely a classy guy.

Sorry no pictures of the fish today. I left my cell in the truck charging on my drive to new water and I was not about to go back and get it while the fish were hot and hungry.

High winds and some rain may screw up my plans tomorrow. We shall see if I end up on Lake E. or Lake O...........

Until later.................

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