Saturday, November 5, 2011

Everybody and their brother......

This morning I set my heart on fish a spot on the big trib. I was up extra early to get to the spot before daylight. As I drove down the dirt road with anticipation, I became excited since I didn't see anyone around. I grabbed my gear and  walked about 20 yards only to see two vehicles shoe horned down a  tiny path ,dome lights still on, and their industrious owners making a run for the spot before I could get there.

Not a good way to start!

I jumped back in the truck and went up the road and hit a number of spots with no luck.

A beautiful sunny morning and perfect green water.

 One problem......a large number of the competition were out too to enjoy the morning.

  This put a little cramp in my style.

There were a number of Pennsylvanians escaping the insanity of the  Elks and Walnuts of this world.

In addition there were enough of my favorite Ontarians to hold a parliamentary election.

I did not witness a lot of fish caught at all. I got one on my way back to the truck. A fresh fish that fought hard for her size and unbuttoned herself by shore.

Reports came in to me  of a of a few fish here or there but no concentration of  good numbers.

I ended it after 4 hours in and decided to stop at another trib that Big Ed was fishing.

I got a coffee and spoke to the DEC officer for a while before I headed back to  see Big Ed.

Officer M. was a good guy and  conversed with me for about a half hour.

Ed was fishing with his Dad who I haven't seen in ages.

 His dad is a great guy and used to drive us  to the Catt to fish as teens.

He hasn't  changed at all. It's like I saw him a week ago and we picked right up.

This has been a sentimental year with a lot of time recounting the good ole days.

I had a great time just hanging on the bank talking while they fished.

Ed was fishing fast water that was clear with some fishing holding tight to the bank.

Big Ed's luck was horrible too.

He now believes that he must have been a bad man and the universe is paying him back for his sins.

Perhaps Edward perhaps.......

Until later...............

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