Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I get an email from Rob aka ChromeHunter today. He tells me he is a little leary to come down to fish the Erie tribs on the American side because friends of his have been experiencing difficulties in parking lots. Theses difficulties consisted of finding thier vehicles with flat tires. Some inconsiderate jackoff has been letting air out of the tires of our Ontario friends and that does not make Joe happy.

Listen people we have all encountered real or imagined poor manners by other fisherman on the streams. This poor behavior is not the sole domain of Canadians.
The rubes and hacks we all encoutner on the streams come in all shapes and sizes and all national origins.

If some one is crowding you and you feel uncomfortable tell them so or move on to better and less populated spots. But... But .... But.... do not mess with peoples vehicles. That is just bush league. Just because there is an Ontario plate on the car does not automatically mean you will encounter an inconsiderate fisherman. Some of the biggest sh*t dog fish lifting , hole crowding pieces of crap I have ever encountered were people from my own part of town not Canadians.

Hell I met Rob walking the bank this season and showed him and his friend a few spots . And guess what??? They were good people and very considerate.

Please play nice everyone. And if you see someone vandalizing a vehicle, call the police with your cell phone so the evil doers get pinched.

In summation, let it be known that our actions on this earth are cyclical. We reap what we sow and karma can be a mutha f*cker!!! Leave people's cars alone or sure enough expect bad things to come back to haunt you.

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  1. I thought that was an urban legend. The story I heard was that some shit-heel was letting out the air on Canadiens tires at the Oak and then extracting the needle valve from the valve stem rendering the poor cute harmless Canadiens fucked. Far to cleverly diabolical for the average knuckle dragging shit-heel.
    I'm leaning towards a small penised IT guy posing as an LL Bean Chuck-N-Duck Wanna-be.