Saturday, March 7, 2009

The melt....

I have been out a little the last two days with nothing special to report.

But my blog is to document my personal triumphs and failures equally not just to trumpet double digit fish days.

The 18 had been locked up from the trestle to the lake leaving only the middle portion of the creek to fish and in those areas the fish were far and few between. all the good holding pools have frozen over.

Finally last night the lower portions broke up and the creek is open to the lake with a brown stain to the water. we are expecting rain this afternoon which will no doubt add to the stain of the creek.

I decided to take a day off until the creek cleans up and to give my mini slump a break. Iwill have to break out the lucky Leafs hat for this one. Tomorrow maybe a ride up to Chautauqua County or one of the smaller Erie tribs but today is a day to reload and get my head on straight.

Good luck out there gentleman............

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