Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A day off with a friend or two..............

I took a much needed vacation day on short notice today. The local forecast called for some rain over the next few days and I didn't want to risk getting mudded out later in the the week.

So I met Bill and Gabe on a couple of our favorite sections of the creek. I gotta say the water was a beautiful green and after a morning in the low 30's the sun warmed my scruffy old face quite nicely.

We had some success today. I use the word success based on this years outings and environment not days of yore.

We all caught a few fish and all were silver. But..... but....but....they continued for the most part to be small to middling size steelhead. The bigger fish we have not seen yet. Now I know there are a few people that have hit a pod here or there with a few bigger fish in it but it has not happened to anyone close to me yet.

It was nice to meet Gabe for the first time and from his picture above he could look like my brother from far away! LOL. In addition to being a good guy , he makes a great mortadella sandwich.
Mmmm.....can you say MORTADELLA?

And of course I cherish my time on the water with Bill as if it were gold. Over the last couple years we have had some good days on the water and we share our special obsession with these damn fish.

I could have sat on that big rock sunning my self for the rest of the day. There is something special about flowing green water that is good for the soul.

Amen to that and good luck on the water.............................


  1. Ahhhh
    What would we do without vacation days?
    I know...sick days! ;0)
    Good on ya for taking advantage of that Emerald Green water. It is good for the soul! Nothing better IMHO.


  2. I am surrounded by screaming kids ...kill me.
    Well done today.

  3. Thank you Joe, I had a lot of fun and it was nice meeting you too.

  4. Joe
    Even though the catching was slow, the fishing was great!
    It's been too long since we fished together.
    Too bad I didn't get a shot of you sitting in the sun! You sure looked like you were enjoying the moment.
    The Premier is off for three weeks starting next week, so we'll get a chance to do it allagain, only better!