Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving............

This Turkey day was rated PG for Perfect Green. The water had the best color of the Fall season and it did not disappoint. All of my victims were fresh silver fish with a lot of spunk.
I had an opportunity to fish all the spots I wanted to hit and I felt guilty I called it quits at noon. If I did not have to go to dinner later ; I would have gone on a forced march from top to bottom.
The PG was accompanied by a little drizzle which turned into a rain shower by noon. I don't think the water will hold its color with more anticipated rain and the possibility of 6-12 inches of snow tomorrow night.
I thank God today for my friends,family and a decent job to go to every morning.
And of course I am thankful for theses silver ghosts we chase.
Until later........................


  1. Well done Joe
    And Happy Thanksgiving

  2. "PG"... I love it...that term has legs...I may start using it myself.
    Glad things are shaping up for you ...on all fronts.