Sunday, October 2, 2011

44 degress and light rain...................

A misty rainy day found me alone on a muddy dirt road to no where.

The Commander didn't make it out today. A text from Bill and Frank found them aborting  a trip down after an exhaustive meteorological survey of precipitation models for the area.

Not a lot of people out today. Rain makes people melt I guess or on second thought maybe they were the smarter human beings as I dragged myself home wet,soaked, and my sinus cavity blowing up.

The water surprisingly greened up a little more from yesterday and I found a couple of feisty fish  to play with. It was one of those "first hour of the day" days. Things slowly died down after that but it was a wet soggy beautiful walk.

It's raining pretty steady now. I'd be surprised if the green holds.

Sure feels like November out there.

Until later..................

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