Monday, November 14, 2011

This vacation day was worth it.............

Another Monday vacation day and I was eager to see if yesterday's success would hold for a second day in a row.  The weather couldn't be better. Warm temps, overcast skies and water in high 40's peaking into the low 50's.

Oh and the water............

That special green that we love to see.

I hit multiple spots in the system but when you found them they had their friends with them too. There was steady action at first light with fresh fish coming through and for the most part there were no skippers to be found. The fish were all muscular and healthy.

There was a the low light beast I caught at first light that was a long fine fish.

I also had one fat girl on today. She is the one posing with the Imperial. She took me down 30 yards in current before I could beach her.  Tussling with her was the highlight of the day.

Later Brad Kania  shared a run with me and he got into a few fish himself.

A little know fact about Brad is that he sold his soul to the devil this year or at least that is my theory.

While everyone else was putting in long marches to find sporadic fish , He consistently has been at the right place at the right time resulting in good numbers this fall.

I have had a blast the last two days. Fishing felt like fun once again and not work.

Now all I need is a camera man (Commander....Big Ed.......Bill....?) instead of the standard shore shots.

Until later.............

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  1. Nice thick fish. Hopefully the streams will continue to get an influx of fresh fish. Looking forward to get out this weekend.