Thursday, March 26, 2009

Balls deep and soggy feet..................

Started off this morning at first light. The light rain from the night before did not raise the flow but the deeper pools appeared to have a slightly darker green in thier color. I took a walk and found a pod of fresh fish. I missed more than I caught. The float would go down and I would lift . The result would either be a few head shakes and spit out or just a light bite quick tug.

all fish were taken on pink and chartrueses sacks and one came on a white jig.

I decided to move down the stream and hip high into the water as God did not bless me with distance casting skills with a centerpin. I really need to work on my casting skills and finesse as I tend to lose them from time to time during the season. Either from being too anxious or casting into a wind etc. I have days where I look like like a green newbie. Oh well it's about getting the float in the water. right?
After a few fish I realized I was getting a little cold and my socks were wet. The neoprenes had finally failed and I discovered two pin hole leaks in each knee.

Did I stop fishing?


I figured even if I get chilled, I am a hop ,skip and a job from the creek.

By the time I took off the waders I was damp from toe to thigh but all and all a good day.

I will have to tough it out with the waders until the end of the season and pick up a new pair before next fall. Time to throw some clothes in the dryer.

It is raining as I speak so there is hope of an increased flow to draw more fish in.

until next time........................


  1. Aquaseal will plug those holes, if you can find some. The stuff is awesome. You can use it on some pretty big holes too - I still use a pair of orvis breathables from which I tore the boot off at the front. About 3" tear, right at the front. Covered it up with successive applications of Aquaseal, and it hasn't leaked since :)

    Nice report! Thanks for posting.

  2. Nice...Finally a great day with some fresh fish! I'm jealous...
    BTW...I have been harbouring a few leaks in each leg of my breathables since the middle of last fall. I have aquaseal but no ambition. LOL!!! Until I am literally swimming I suspect the holes will be a reminder of fondness for the couch. Seriously...I love that f*ckin couch!