Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mocha and Mist.......................

I started off this morning before sun up with intent on hitting the 18. I pulled into the the parking area and strolled to the bridge. I shined my headlamp on the water to notice that the rain from yesterday turned the creek to chocolate. She was moving higher and faster than normal and I decided to end the expedition right there.

Back into the vehicle I went and decided to purchase a coffee at Timmy Ho's as consolation for my terminated plans. I decided to take the coffee to another nearby trib to at least go for walk down by the beach and lake. As I pulled into the parking lot at this smaller trib, I noticed the water was also brown but she was moving at a moderate current flow. I threw on the gear and told myself just give it a shot and at the least enjoy nature and the suroundings.

I made my way across a foot bridge and past a large sand dune as I made my way to the mouth of the lake. The light was still dim as the foggy mist choked out the rising sun.
In the back ground I heard the marine birds cackling like a bunch of woman at bingo and the jackhammer sound of woodpeckers picking away the bark of the trees.

As the sun slowly burnt away the fog a rainbow shined through at the beach and I could see in the distance the ice flows clogging the beach area. Though I did not have any success, the experience of the wonderful combination of beach, ice, and trees bathed in the sunlight was payment enough for the effort I put in this morning.

No fish but as Big Ed said last night, as we get older it does not have to be just about the fish. Sometimes the fishing and the friends is good enough........

I will check out the 18 tomorrow but it will probably fish better Saturday and Sunday more than Friday.

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