Saturday, March 21, 2009

Scattered and spread out.............

The temperature this morning was 17 degrees this morning so I decided to wait a few hours before hitting the creek. At my arrival, I noticed all parking lots were almost at capacity up and down the creek. Everyone is ready for spring and out to enjoy it.

I checked out the lower sections and the action was spotty at best. I saw a few fish caught but nothing exciting.

I headed upstream to my C water as my A and B spots were populated by the masses. This can be a good thing at times and a learning tool as it forces you to think outside the box and try areas you would not normally fish.

Luckily I kept on the move and found some relative solitude and got into a few fish. The water was a perfect green but fish were sprinkled in here and there as you sent out your presentation into every pool, pocket, riffle and run. I noticed in my travels that fish were pairing up in the shallows in two's and four's. The highlight of the day was another small birds nest. As I untangled the mess and looked up to located my float,I could not find it. I started to reel in line to find a small male attached to the other end. HA HA!!! I wonder what Brian would call a birds nest with a fish on the business end.

That is all for today..... Tomorrow may be a break from the water to celebrate Dad's birthday and stay away from the people on the stream for a bit.


  1. Fair weather fishermen. They can drive one crazy at times but you gotta feel sorry for them. They know little of the solitude and experience we get to enjoy in the quieter times of November thru to early March. I fear it will only get worse from here with milder temps and larger pushes of fish. The spring fishery doesn't do it for me much any more. I have been focusing on the pre-spring fishery the last couple years. Less fish but quality makes up for quantity and any day spent on a river with some solitude is priceless.
    I have to laugh at your C water with only a few fish here and there. At he best of times we can experience that in our A water here in Ontario. One does get spoiled by the numbers of the Southern Shores of Erie tribs.

    As for the birds nest with a fish on the end. I guess we'll have to name that a J-Z

  2. Well you are gifted with wild strains thus you have quality ovr quantity. Dont get the impression that the NY water is like Pa or OH in the numbers they have. That it is NOT unless you are talking about the Catt at times in the fall. I still work my but off for fish most of the time. As any where timing is everything.

    Took the day of today and relized i am suffering from to much oxygen. all that cold fresh air this week as left me a litt slow and dimwitted. Or maybe it is the oxtgen at all an i am just a little slow LOL.

    I hope your hetrosexual life partner survives his long hours defending the borders. You need to get him out for some quality time on the water.