Friday, March 27, 2009

Slower Day but there was a pay off........

Well hell, we got a little rain last night but it did not raise the levels again.

At best it kept the status quo going. That being near clear water in the shallow faster areas and a light green in the pools.

I am happy to announce that my casting skills came back this morning as there was no wind blowing in my face. I made more than a few bomb casts that even suprised me.

In addition I double bagged my feet with plastic bags to prevent damp foot from my drying waders and to facilitate entrance and exit from the them. I had a flash back to when I was in grade school and mom sent me off to school with my feet in platic bags inside my Sorel pack boots so I wouldnt get wet foot from the high snow.

The action was slower than the day before for me but Idid manage a few fish on white jigs and chartreuse sacks. The day once again was filled with a number of light biters. Literally I was visuallizing the steelhead bumping the offering with thier nose like a pig rutting around in the dirt. Just enough to momentarily drop the float. This happend more than a few times. There were a few a few instances where I clear pulled the float and offering out of the water over my head and onto the shore. Frustrating indeed but the action keeps you busy.

I bumped into the local King Pin reel rep, Bill Shearer, and shared the bank with him for most of the morning. We had an enjoyable time taking turns laughing at ourselves with our inability to miss the light takers. As soon as the sun got high in the sky, the slow day got slower and everything died out. I ended the day about 11 am. But I did have my moment of crowning glory when my float dove deep below the surface. I lifted my rod with authority and there was something heavy on the other end. The fish bull dogged around for awhile a rolled up in the line temporarily. I got the fish to shore and to my excitement there a fresh, silver male on the other end. I would estistimate that he was in the 10lb area. Beautiful thick backed fish with a noticeable pronounced kype. I asked one of the fisherman next to me to take a picture with my Blackberry for the blog. That was fun!!!! The lucky Leafs hat strikes again.........

We still need rain to bring in a solid run and we are supposed to get it Saturday night and into Sunday.

We shall see.......................


  1. Great fish!!!!
    I can't remember what it feels like to fight one.
    I may do a BLOG entry on 'fishing hat mojo' is real...very real.
    BTW... I can't cast a centre pin worth a pinch of coonshit either. lol
    ...especially when the bite is on or I have just missed one...
    damned buck fever

  2. Nice Joe!
    I have a case of Jones creeping up on me. The North wind has put the St Clair off. Hope to get out next week. Until then keep putting them on the bank for us.

  3. Joe
    It really was a beautiful fish!
    Thanks for sharing the day
    Bill Shearer