Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring Time Quickie.........

Well people I fished a little yesterday and today. The weather has been nice and the water is a beautiful green color. The 18 has a run of mostly small males scattered between the lower and middle sections of the stream. I spent part of yesterday fishing with Big Ed and his magic tackle bag filled with beverages.

He had a real nice one on yesterday that he lost in a root filled under cut bank. I caught a few yesterday and today. All were small males both days for me. The pink worm was out performing the roe. Fear the pink worm.....
I dont understand that???????????

I also caught a fat 6lb sucker from the lake. As my friend Eric says .."Hold the mighty sucker up to the Gods with pride and let all other fisherman know your sucker fishing greatness!"

Yeah what ever........

Hope to be out a few more times this week. Hopefully without the East wind. The east wind is not good for fishing around here. At least not for me!!!!

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  1. Hell ya!!!! That last pic is true American Ghetto! LOL!

    Good on ya for gettin out in this nice weather.