Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Steelhead Therapy...........

In these uncertain times all a man needs to even out his keel and set his head right is a nice day on the water and his lucky Toronto Maple Leafs hat.

I fished for a while this morning in the lower sections of the creek with a little action and a lot of beautiful weather. The air felt cold at first this morning with the frozen lake nearby. The water was a slightly stained an emerald green with a slow current flowing through the pool.

The fish were silver, fresh, and feisty though none were too big.
We have all been on the streams and noticed some of the biggest fighters and most acrobatic fish are the smaller fish caught and this was the rule today. The fish were active though not in the same numbers as a few days ago. All fish were taken on pink eggs and others were catching them on hardware despite the cold water. I can't wait to see what a little rain will do as far as pulling more numbers into the tributary. While the numbers today were not mind boggling it was enough to make me happy and kick back on a rock like a fat lizard enjoying the warm afternoon sun after a mornings worth of enjoyable fishing. I hate to put it this way but between the fish and the sunshine I walked back to my vehichle with a big smile on my face as if.....well.... I got some action... ha ha ha LOL!!!!!

After the ass kicking winter gave us all; the onset of spring is just the ticket to make things right in this indifferent and often trying world of ours. Peace brothers and get your butts out there and enjoy the weather.

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  1. Oh yes...Lake Erie Estuary bulletts. Gotta love those pods of aggressive hell raisers. I've only experienced it one while in PA but we put a hurtin on an uncountable number of fish. I have fond memories of that morning.

    Off to MI tomorrow to set my own head staight.
    Hope to have a decent report up myself tomorrow night.