Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Time melt.......................

Bear with me people. I am suffering from a little mental fog due to too much fresh air. I may not be that coherent today. I started my day of at first light and the water had a good current flow. The north- north west winds of the other day had pushed the ice pack up to the shoreline and the mouth of the creek which made it a little chilly to start off the morning.

The story of the day is that I got into them today. I wasn't the MVP today but I wasn't a bench warmer either. I had good steady action. The morning was a hot bite for many with sacks of various types fitting the bill. the fish appears to be packed in one area and they were not spread out as much as the previous few days.

I guess the process of watching your float for the next take can be a little hypnotizing. I was so focused on waiting for the the take, releasing fish or watching others release their fish that the day literally melted away. After the morning bite there was a noon bite for a while with good activity. then later in the Afternoon I move4d a round a little and got into a jig bite until I got a call from the Commander. the Commander was on his way from work. Wait a second......I started my walk on the creek at 6:15am and didn't look at my watch until 4:30pm? Where did the time go? By that time the wind changed and the creek got low and I packed it in at 5:40pm.

I got into a decent number of steelhead and a few smallmouth to boot. I felt sorry for poor Dave from Renegade Customs Rods. He belly deep fishing across from me and realized that his non- waterproof camera had been taking a bath for a half hour. Hope he is able to save it.

That's it folks. My incoherent ramblings. I'm a little too dim witted to go on today.


  1. Quite a day for sure!
    Beautiful silver fish

  2. sounds like you had a great day.. :)

  3. Looks like a great day, wish I could have been there to enjoy it. Have to love those Gulp baits ......

  4. Right On Joe...Sounds like one of those days. They often end too early when one is "in the zone" The only problem with these days is the toll it takes on an old body. The hike out and the ride home often tells that tale.