Thursday, October 29, 2009

Welcome To Thunderdome...........

This morning I hit a Lake O. trib known as the the Dirty. It has a special place in my heart as it brings me back to my late teens fishing this trib with Big Ed with flies back when others were throwing the infamous Michigan Cricket.

Things can still be chaotic there do to its overpopulation of fisherman this time of year but nothing like it used to be in my humble opinion. I like to take the trip at least once or twice a year for old time sake.

Today I caught a mix of steel and browns. For the most part everyone behaved and respected each other. A nice teenager even volunteered to take a picture for me of a fine male brown.

All fish came on natural color presentations.

Who know where I will be tomorrow.............


  1. Hey Joe...
    Very nice fish there and good on you for braving the madness!!

  2. The DB..
    LOL!!! Oh the horror...
    Last time we fished it there were guys fishing over top of guys on the tiered rocks in the runs below the dam. They should do a reality show there during the fall season. Maybe throw in some WWE Stars, Jerry Springer and a Donkey for additional colour. Quite entertaining.
    Hey Norland..."Ev'r Shyout anee Duckzzzz"