Monday, November 9, 2009

Alien abduction of steelhead population rumored....

I got out today with Bill and Frank for the morning.

We were all hyped up to get on the water with the hopes we would hit good conditions.

Well despite what we would consider good conditions, the pickings were slim. We did a lot of walking and not much catching to our dismay. We literally threw everything at them in our vests to no avail.

Why they had lockjaw today?

I have no idea and it left my well seasoned and more accomplished fishing partners scratching their heads.

I guess a comfort to all of us was that we saw very limited catching by others.

I just might have to put down the fishing sticks for a day to reboot the computer so to speak as the trying conditions put my enthusiasm at a low point.

I don't think I like this sport anymore..........................LOL

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