Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A tale of two rivers.......

Well two sections of the same river that is............

I voted bright and early at 6am and then met Bill and Frank for a morning expedition with the hope of catching a few fish and to hear tales of their trip to a different Great Lake yesterday.

I beat them to the access point so I walked into the dark abyss all by my lonesome with the hopes of putting a fish on the bank at sun up while waiting for them. That I did not do but they came in about 10 minutes behind me.

The Premier headed for the Premier Pool while Bill and I fished Little Wheel with hopes of moving down to Sulphur Bend.

In the first ten minutes Bill and I put some fish on the bank in the clear to clearing water.
Once we were done we moved down to meet Frank where he was fishing. He apparently got into a few fish. We left him to his own devises with some fly guy who walked into his pool and low holed him. Frank was fine with it I guess until the guy wanted to get all artsy and lit up a pipe.

Frank can't stand smoke period. How about saving the pipe for a rest on the bank and actually focusing on catching fish and not smoking??????????

Once Frank was sufficiently smoked out from the low holer he met us down below sulphur bend.
Bill had a few bites there but is was slow and the water was dropping.

We decided to move up river in hopes of finding more than a few fish here or there.
On the way upstream we passed by Jerry from Renegade Rods. I was surprised to see him as his shoulder has been acting up and it hurts even to cast. As always Jerry was his talkative and friendly self and I introduced him to Bill and Frank.

After a friendly discussion on water,tackle, and a few other tribs; we moved up to a pool. Magic Mike was there with the other Frank and we talked about the same things. The water here was a lot greener with a little brown tinge to it. We couldn't believe this was the same trib we fished below.

Bill and Frank got into some fish and we went on our way for a few sandwiches and some conversation.

A refreshing day on the water and as always a good thing to run into friendly faces on the river.

Until tomorrow.....................

*****There were no pictures taken of today's expedition to protect the innocent and not so innocent and yes they are all guilty.

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