Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Today was a day of relative solitude on the water which is always a good thing. The problem with fishing alone is that you loose any concept of time.
As the great philosopher Schomber once said: "Time folds unto itself".
Well he isn't a philosopher but he can be a deep thinking Germanic at times.
I walked and fished from hole to hole and run to run for what I thought was a short time but minutes melted into hours.

This pretty hard fighting steelhead had a fin clipped right pectoral fin.
I know a left clipped pectoral denotes a Skamania but to my my memory A right pec clip denotes possibly a 3 0r 4 year old steelhead.
She mad my day with a combination of acrobatics and bull runs.

It appeared today that the females I encountered were all silver and fresh and the males were getting darkened up.
Resting up for the next two days and taking care of business.

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