Monday, November 16, 2009

Fresh air.....................

This morning I met Bill and Frank for a half days worth of fishing. I dragging from some type of allergy. Most likely from all the wet decaying leaves but who knows.

The crisp fresh air cleans out the lungs along with a good walk. We all had a few fish in and/or a few fish lost.

The Premier aka Frank put on a little bit of show for us. While for some reason I think Bill left his shiny red cape with the big S on it in the truck. He had a lot of hookups but couldn't get them to the bank.
I guess even the mighty have their off days LOL. It was nice to finally find some fish and we even saw a pair spawning already. And no they were not stray salmon of any type.

This girl came on a peach offering behind a few boulders in faster water.

Thanks for the company guys.

Gerry thanks for the shout out today and the extra info. Hope the shoulder is feeling better and will catch you on the water.

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